Upcoming Workshops and Classes

Polymer workshops and Bead-weaving classes are listed below. Registration information is available on the various web sites listed.   If you have questions, email me at kyfoss@comcast.net.  I look forward to seeing you in class!
•Nature's Art:  Beadweaving Classes are held on Saturdays from 10:30 - 5:00.  The dates and topics are below.    My workshops are listed under the "Intermediate to Advanced" tab. http://naturesartvillage.com/the-shops/absolute-beads/advanced-beading-jewelry-making-classes/

Saturday, March 4, 2017:  Superduo Bezel for Rivolis!
Rivoli crystals are beautiful!  The question is how to capture them so you can wear them.  Come learn how to use superduos to make elegant bezels that are quicker to stitch than using traditional peyote.  Make a pendant, join several to make a bracelet or even use two for earrings.  Materials:  The sample is made with  a  14mm rivoli, superduo beads, and seedbeads size 15. A size 16 rivoli would also work well.

•POLYMER Workshops at Meiklem Kilnworks (on the Franklin/Bozrah border)

 Here is a listing of my  new workshops for 2017.    The dates and topics are below. Registration information is available on the web site:  http://www.mkwcenter.com/

Saturday, July 15, 2017  Reversible Tile Bracelet!  ~ 9 am - 2 pm
Make 2 pieces at one time! In this project, we will learn to make surface sheets with 2 different designs that, through a series of steps, will turn into tiles with reversible sides.  The tiles will then be assembled into a bracelet you can wear right away!   Materials:  Clay in colors that are complimentary or will work well in a Skinner blend, pasta machine, glossy work surface, sharp tissue blades, needle tool, ruler, rubber stamps, permanent ink pad (black), 1mm elastic bead cord, size 8 seed beads.  Instructor will have elastic cord, seed beads and ink pad to share, or you may bring your own.

Saturday, August 12, 2017  Adjustable Tube Bead Lariat!  ~ 9 am - 2 pm
This workshop will give you the opportunity to try several different techniques and put them all together in a lovely, wearable piece of art.  We will start with a fun square cane, use it to cover a tube bead, create end caps and end beads, and learn how to "thread" the tube bead with buna cord to allow the straps to be adjustable.  Materials:  Clay in 2-3 colors of your choice as well as white and black, pasta machine, glossy work surface, sharp tissue blades, and small circle shape cutters.  Instructor will have buna cord and dowels for tube formation to share, or you may bring your own.

Saturday, September 2, 2017   Translucent Skinner Blend Stripe stacks for Bead overlay  ~ 9 am - 2 pm
Translucent clay is extremely versatile, and brings a warmth and glow to polymer pieces.   In this class, participants will make skinner blend striped translucent stacks and use them as overlays to make shaped polymer beads.  If you have not worked with translucents before, this class can help serve as beginning point for exploring translucent applications.  Those who have used translucent clay will enjoy expanding their skills in this area.

Materials :Participants will need translucent clay, sharp blades, and other clay tools of their choice.  Instructor will have clay available for sale if desired.

Saturday, October 14, 2017    Hollow “peek through” Beads          ~ 9 am - 2 pm
  In this class, participants will learn to create “peek through” hollow beads.  Small holes perforate the sides of the beads opening a view to inside and all the way through the bead.  These beads are unusual, and can be used in a variety of ways.
Materials :  Participants will need white,  pearl, and colored clay, blades, mica powders and small paint brushes, shape cutters, including tiny hole makers, and other clay tools of their choice.  Instructor will have clay available for sale if desired.

Saturday, November 4, 2017      Basket Weave Cane       ~ 9 am - 2 pm
Come learn how to make an illusion in clay!  This is a square cane that looks like strips of ribbon weaving over and under each other.  The use of darks and lights and outlines in the cane create this effect.  A great cane for a variety of uses!
Materials:  Participants will need clay in black, white, and one or two colors of their own choice, blades, acrylic roller, tiles, and other clay tools of their choice.  Instructor will have clay available for sale if desired.

Saturday, December 2 , 2017     Translucent & Opaque Extrusions for Polymer Clay Votives
         ~ 9 am - 2 pm
Here is a project that is perfect for the holidays.  Learn to use an extruder to make translucent and solid color canes. Then use the canes to cover small votive glasses.  The translucent clay will allow light from a candle to shine through and augment the design.  Use these at home or give them away as gifts.
Materials:  Participants will need a clay extruder, (or borrow from instructor),  translucent, white and/or colored clay, blades, small circle shape cutters, and other clay tools of their choice.  Instructor will have clay available for sale if desired, extra extruders to share, and small votive containers for covering with clay. 

Polymer Workhops at ThistleBeads

•As of July, 2016, I am also offering Polymer Clay workshops at Thistle Beads, 24 Pennsylvania Avenue, Niantic, CT  (860) 739-6552.  Here are offerings for the Summer of 2017.  Join us!

Kaleidoscope Cane Fun!   ~  Sunday, July 23,  2017  ~ 1 - 4 pm

This cane is a lot of fun. It’s relatively simple to make, and will look different every time you make one.  Your choice of colors and basic shapes will make a great difference in the overall look of the cane, and experimentation is encouraged. You will use the same base to create both a round and a square cane.

•Pasta machine
•Large glass/glossy tile work surface
•Tissue blades
•Polymer clay: Colors of your choice.
•Cutters:  square, triangle, round
•Bead-baking pins if desired
•Findings as appropriate

 Calla Lily 3-D flower with leaves   ~  Sunday, August 6,  2017  ~ 1 - 4 pm

Come learn to make a sculptural Calla lily flower in polymer!  We will made 3-dimensional calla lilies as well as leaves to compliment the flowers.  Size, details and use are up to the artist.  This will be another fun workshop!

•Pasta machine
*Large tile or glass work surface
•Tissue blade
•Clay in your choice of colors
•Shape cutters - circle, oval or tear drops work best.
•Corn starch
•Cotton Batting
•Genesis medium

•Findings (optional)

Pearl-X Powders with Real Leaves   ~  Sunday, September 17,  2017  ~ 1 - 4 pm

Here is a great project for fall.  We will be using pearl-x powders, polymer clay and real leaves – bring any that intrigue you!  The samples can be used as pendants or pins, but your imagination will take you in any direction you wish. 

 •Pasta machine
*Large tile or glass work surface
•Tissue blade
•Clay in your choice of colors
•Pearl-x powders
• small paint brushes for the powders
•Shape cutters
•acrylic roller
•Real leaves – bring any you like
•Findings (optional)

Extruded Retro Canes   ~  Sunday, October 22,  2017  ~ 1 - 4 pm
Extrusions are great fun to make, and this is an excellent way to use them.  The credit for this method of making an extruded Skinner blend goes to Bettina Welker of Germany.  She generously shared her process with the polymer “world” and now I will share it with you.  The resulting cane has numerous applications.  If you do not have a clay extruder,  you will be able to use one provided by the instructor.  Come and give this technique a try!

•Polymer clay in white, black, and colors that will allow you to create 4 or 5 different compatible shades (red and blue, yellow and blue, blue and green, etc.)
•Sharp tissue blade
•Pasta machine
•Large glossy tile work surface
•Clay extruder
•Shape cutters for finished pieces
•Texture sheets for backing of pieces

•Acrylic roller

Polymer-Covered Twist Pen  ~  Sunday, December 10, 2017  ~ 1 to 4 pm

Here is a great project, just in time for gift giving!  Just about everyone uses pens, and having a unique pen hand-decorated by you is extra special.  We will make a mokume gane stack to create a cover for a twist pen.  We will use black kits so they’ll go with any color combination you desire!  Of course, you may want to make more than one – and keep one for yourself!

•Pasta machine
•glossy work surface
•sharp tissue blade
•twisted pen component (kit will be available for $4 from instructor)
•polymer clay in colors of your choice
•items to press into the clay stack to create interesting impressions and designs
•small ruler
•item for rolling smooth such as small acrylic roller, small metal tube, etc.
•cotton batting for baking
The photos below provide an idea of the variety of projects we've done in the past.