Upcoming Workshops and Classes

Polymer workshops and Bead-weaving classes are listed below. Registration information is available on the various web sites listed.   If you have questions, email me at kyfoss@comcast.net.  I look forward to seeing you in class!
•Nature's Art:  Beadweaving Classes are held on Saturdays from 10:30 - 5:00.  The dates and topics are below.    My workshops are listed under the "Intermediate to Advanced" tab. http://naturesartvillage.com/the-shops/absolute-beads/advanced-beading-jewelry-making-classes/

Saturday, February 4, 2017:  Gathered Superduo and Seed Bead Bracelet:  This lovely band bracelet couples clusters of Superduo beads with seed beads in sizes 6, 8 and 11 and 4mm round beads.  Materials:  Beading needles, beading thread, SuperDuo beads in one or two colors, 4mm firepolish or crystals, 6mm rounds, seed beads in size 8 and size 11, clasp of your choice.

Saturday, March 4, 2017:  Superduo Bezel for Rivolis!
Rivoli crystals are beautiful!  The question is how to capture them so you can wear them.  Come learn how to use superduos to make elegant bezels that are quicker to stitch than using traditional peyote.  Make a pendant, join several to make a bracelet or even use two for earrings.  Materials:  The sample is made with  a  14mm rivoli, superduo beads, and seedbeads size 15. A size 16 rivoli would also work well.

Saturday, May 13,  2017:  Beautiful Dutch Spiral
Spiral ropes are always fun to make.  The special feature of the Dutch spiral is a section spiraling around the rope that is loose and gives motion to the piece.  Materials: Seed beads in side 11, 8, and 15s if desired.  Other beads in 3mm of 4mm may also be used.

Saturday, June 3,  2017:  Freeform Fun!  In this project, you will use primarily peyote stitch to made an exciting bracelet band.  Freeform allows you to incorporate any beads and embellishments you wish, so the materials list is up to you!

•POLYMER Workshops at Meiklem Kilnworks (on the Franklin/Bozrah border)
 Here is a listing of my  new workshops  for through April, 2017.    The dates and topics are below. Registration information is available on the web site:  http://www.mkwcenter.com/

Saturday, February 11, 2017  Making Ruffle Beads & Using Embossing Powders  ~ 9 am - 2 pm
Learn to add embossing powder to translucent polymer clay. We’ll make simple canes and create 3-D ruffled beads that can be used in a variety of jewelry forms (necklace, earrings, bracelet). The process creates a special sparkle in the clay, and the disc slices from the cane can be used in a variety of ways. Materials: Translucent clay, as well as small amounts of clay in your choice of colors, pasta machine, glossy work surface, sharp tissue blades,  jewelry findings if you wish, and other clay tools of your choice.   Instructor will have clay available for sale if desired. In addition, instructor will have embossing powder to share.

Saturday, March 11, 2017  Stenciling with Mica Powders  ~ 9 am - 2 pm
Silk screens create lovely patterns on polymer clay. Usually, paint is used. Learn how to use mica powders, such as the Pearl X brand, to create patterns on polymer clay. Uses of the resulting sheets and protection of the surface after baking will be discussed. Materials: Participants will need clay in your choice of colors, pasta machine, glossy work surface, sharp tissue blades,  jewelry findings if you wish, and other clay tools of your choice. Also useful are Magic Gloss, PYM2 or other preservative help to protect the finish after baking.  Instructor will have clay available for sale if desired. The instructor will also have a few silk screens for sharing, or you may bring your own.  

Saturday, April 1, 2017  Surface Embroidery with Polymer ~ 9 am - 2 pm
Embroidery with needle and thread can take a while. With polymer, we’re able to produce the same effect, and it's fun!  Come learn how to embroider with clay. This process uses tiny amounts of clay, on a clay base, and the end result is lovely. Participants will need clay in your choice of colors, pasta machine, glossy work surface, sharp tissue blades, knitting needle, tapestry needle or toothpicks, jewelry findings if you wish, and other clay tools of your choice.

•Hard work surface such as a glossy tile or glass
•Pasta machine
•Tissue blades
•Polymer clay in colors of your choice, plus translucent, pearl and white
•Tapestry needle, needle tool or toothpicks
•Clay for background if desired
•Tiny cutters.  Also cutters if you want specific shapes for jewelry
•Findings if desired 

Saturday, May 20, 2017  Skinner Blends Running Around in Circles!  ~ 9 am - 2 pm
Skinner blends are fun to make and the colors you can make are lovely. Using simple shape cutters, such as circles, squares or triangles, you will create a decorative polymer sheet that can be used to create jewelry, cover objects, etc. Materials: Clay in your choice of colors, pasta machine, glossy work surface, sharp tissue blades, shape cutters, jewelry findings if appropriate, and other clay tools of your choice.   Instructor will have clay available for sale if desired.

And, coming this summer, 2017:
Saturday, July 15, 2017  Reversible Tile Bracelet!  ~ 9 am - 2 pm

Saturday, August 12, 2017  Adjustable Tube Bead Lariat!  ~ 9 am - 2 pm

Polymer Workhops at ThistleBeads

•As of July, 2016, I am also offering Polymer Clay workshops at Thistle Beads, 24 Pennsylvania Avenue, Niantic, CT  (860) 739-6552.  Here are offerings for the beginning of 2017.  Join us!

A Rose is a Rose!  ~  Sunday, January 29, 2017 ~ 1 - 4 pm

Come try your hand at making sculptural flowers in polymer!  We will be creating three-dimensional roses.  Roses are classic, and polymer is the perfect medium for creating these lovely flowers.   Size, details, and use are up to the artist.  This will be a really fun workshop!

•Pasta machine
*Large tile or glass work surface
•Tissue blade
•Clay in your choice of colors
•Shape cutters in a variety of sizes – circle, oval or tear drop work best.  You may also want leaf shape cutters
•Corn starch
•Cotton Batting
•Genesis medium
•Findings (optional)

Note:  Instructor will have clay for sale if desired.  Instructor will also have some supplies for sharing including shape cutters, toothpicks, corn starch, cotton batting and Genesis medium.

Wonderful Ikat Canes! - Traditional techniques   
~  Sunday, February 26, 2017 ~ 1 - 4 pm

Ikat (long I or long E) is a textile term and refers to fabric made using an Indonesian decorative technique in which warp or weft threads, or both, are tie-dyed before weaving.  In polymer, there are a variety of techniques that re-create some of the look of the ikat fabric.  In this workshop, we will explore a couple of traditional approaches to making Ikat stacks out of polymer.  You'll be able to use the resulting sheets in a variety of projects.
•pasta machine
•large glossy tile, glass, or other smooth work surface
•tissue blades
•acrylic roller
•clay - I like to use 2 or more compatible colors in my Ikat.  Premo! clay works well for this process, and is easy to condition. Bring your favorite colors.  
•shape cutters
•texture sheets for backing
•findings if desired
Note:  Instructor will have clay for sale if desired

Polymer Bargello  ~  Sunday, April 2,  2017  ~ 1 - 4 pm 
Bargello is a pattern most often found in fabric and sewn work. Come learn how to create the effect in polymer!  The illusion of depth is created through the use of colors what flow from darker tones to lighter tones of the same color.  This is a simple process, and allows you to create some lovely effects.


•Pasta machine
•Hard work surface such as a glossy tile or glass
•Tissue blades
•Polymer clay in 3 or 4 colors, plus black and white
•Clay for background
•Cutters if you want specific shapes for jewelry
•Findings if desired

Torn-paper Watercolor Technique  ~  Sunday, April 23,  2017  ~ 1 - 4 pm 

Here is a great technique - easy to do, and so variable! When the torn sections are rolled smooth, the look is really wonderful.  This process creates a sheet of clay that can be used in a wide variety of ways. Though the examples are of jewelry, the sheets made through this process can be used to cover items including boxes, wine glass bottoms, handles of tools and much more.


•pasta machine
•brayer or acrylic roller
•glossy work surface
•clay - you'll need black and white and then colors you like for a Skinner
•tissue blades
•shape cutters
•wax paper or parchment paper

Polymer Feather Canes  ~  Sunday, May 7,  2017  ~ 1 - 4 pm 

In this project, you will create an unusual and lovely feather cane.  The whole cane will be in the oblong shape of a feather You’ll be able to use slices to create 3-D effects.  This is a fun project, and you’ll want several in different colors to expand your options.


•Polymer clay in colors of your choice plus black and white
•Pasta machine
•Acrylic roller
•Tile or other glossy work surface
•Sharp tissue blade   

Black-Line Transfers - on translucent with metal leaf   ~  Sunday, June 4,  2017  ~ 1 - 4 pm

Black line transfers add drama, interest and design to your creations.  They are not difficult to do, they just take some time and a little practice.  For this class, we will use black line transfers as the “main attraction” on a brass channel cuff bracelet, or you may make flat pieces in your own desired shape.

Please note:  The instructor will supply the following:  composite metal leaf,  printed black-line designs from which participants can choose, Preserve Your Memories II fixative. The instructor will also have brass channel cuff bracelets and bangles for sale for use in this project, if desired. 


•Pasta machine
•glass or tile work surface
•smaller tiles (4” or 6”)
•Translucent clay
•Brass cuff or bangle forms with channels
•small scraps of colored clay
•Black line drawings
•composite metal leaf
•Tissue blade
•shape cutters, if desired

•small container to hold water

The photos below provide an idea of the variety of projects we've done in the past.