Upcoming Workshops and Classes

Polymer classes are listed below. Registration information is available on the web site listed.   If you have questions, email me at kyfoss@comcast.net.  I look forward to seeing you in class!

Polymer Workshops at ThistleBeads

•I offer Polymer Clay workshops at Thistle Beads, 24 Pennsylvania Avenue, Niantic, CT  (860) 739-6552.  Here are classes for the Summer,  2018  Please join us!  Website:  https://www.thistlebeads.com/

Color Transfers on Polymer  ~  Sunday, June 3,  2018 ~ 1 to 4 pm

In this class, you will learn how to transfer color printed images onto polymer clay in order to incorporate them into your designs.  Options for embellishments and finishes will also be explored.  This is a great way to add a wide variety of personal or legal-to-copy images into your work.

•Pasta machine
•Glossy work surface
•Tissue blade
•White polymer clay, such as Premo! May be mixed with translucent and/or pearl. Other colors of your choosing.
•70% alcohol wipes
•Color images printed on regular paper on a laser printer (instructor will provide some for class)
•Finish such as Preserve Your Memories II or Magic Gloss (with needle or headpin)
•Optional items: texture sheets for backing, shape cutters, items to cover with transfer sheets, jewelry findings, embellishment items such as powders

The Damascus Ladder  ~  Sunday,  July 22,  2018 ~ 1pm to 4 pm

Damascus ladder is the name of a particular technique that is used by metal craftsmen to give spectacular designs on knife and sword blades. The designs look like flowing water that swirls and curls around.  The designs are created by fusing different grades and types of metal together and manipulating the heated metal to produce particular patterns. The patterns are revealed by acid etching almost at the end of the process.  From what I have been able to find, Alan Vernall was the first to develop a technique which replicates the look of the Damascus blades in polymer.  This is a fun and unusual project, and the ending design can be used in a variety of ways.


•Polymer clay in 4 or 5 colors – I have found that Premo! or Fimo Classic work well
•pasta machine
•acrylic roller or brayer
•tissue blades
•tile or other hard work surface
•Shape cutters
•Findings as desired

Alcohol Ink Backgrounds w/ Inked Stamps  ~  Sunday, September 16,  2018 ~ 1pm to 4 pm

We will be combining several processes for this workshop.  We will begin by making – and baking - polymer backgrounds.  You will then learn how to use alcohol inks to create colored backgrounds.  Next, you will use rubber stamps to add color and design to your piece.  We will also explore various finishes.

pasta machine
•blades and shape cutters
•work surface
•polymer clay in white and black
•alcohol inks
•alcohol wipes
paper towels and/or Kleenex and/or Q-tips
•black  stamping ink (indelible is best, but won't wash off your stamps)
•chalk ink pads, such as from Colorbox  - colors of your own choice.  Metallics add a special shine
•rubber stamps
•extruder  - optional, for adding edging
•texture sheets - optional, for texturing the back of the piece
•Varnish for polymer clay, PYM II, Magic Gloss, or finish of your choice


The photos below provide an idea of the variety of projects I've offered in the past.