Upcoming Workshops and Classes

I offer polymer classes, and, this fall, a special beading class. Registration information is available below.   If you have questions, email me at kyfoss@comcast.net.  I look forward to seeing you in class!

Special Beading Class at ThistleBeads!

Captured Rivolis  ~  Saturday, November 3,  2018 ~ 1 to 4 pm

Rivoli crystals are beautiful!  Of course, they just beg to be used in jewelry.  This class will show you one method of how to capture them so you can wear them.  You will use superduos to make elegant bezels that are quicker to stitch than using traditional peyote with small seed beads or Delicas.  Once you see how quickly these bezels form, you will want to make a pendant, join several to make a bracelet or even use a couple for earrings.  This pattern may also be used as a base which can be embellished further.  Use your imagination!


•Beading needle
•Strong beading thread
•Superduo beads (samples shown use 1 color)
•Size 14/15 seedbeads (1 color)
•Size 11 seedbeads for pendant
•1 Rivoli (size 14)
Findings as desired

Polymer Workshops at ThistleBeads

•I offer Polymer Clay workshops at Thistle Beads, 24 Pennsylvania Avenue, Niantic, CT  (860) 739-6552.  Here are classes for the Fall,  2018 season. Please join us!  Website:  https://www.thistlebeads.com/

Alcohol Ink Backgrounds w/ Inked Stamps  ~  Sunday, September 16,  2018 ~ 1pm to 4 pm

We will be combining several processes for this workshop.  We will begin by making – and baking - polymer backgrounds.  You will then learn how to use alcohol inks to create colored backgrounds.  Next, you will use rubber stamps to add color and design to your piece.  We will also explore various finishes.

pasta machine
•blades and shape cutters
•work surface
•polymer clay in white and black
•alcohol inks
•alcohol wipes
paper towels and/or Kleenex and/or Q-tips
•black  stamping ink (indelible is best, but won't wash off your stamps)
•chalk ink pads, such as from Colorbox  - colors of your own choice.  Metallics add a special shine
•rubber stamps
•extruder  - optional, for adding edging
•texture sheets - optional, for texturing the back of the piece
•Varnish for polymer clay, PYM II, Magic Gloss, or finish of your choice

Translucent Canes:  How to make them and What to do with them!  ~ Sunday, October 14,  2018 ~ 1pm to 4 pm

Translucent clay opens some exciting windows in polymer clay design.  We will make a variety of canes and stacks using translucent and opaque clays, and then will explore some applications using those canes.  The beads pictured here are some of the items we can make.  I hope you will enjoy the special properties of translucent clay, and discover your own uses.  

P.S.  If you took the workshop in September, and have some of your pieces without a finish added, feel free to bring them along, too.  We'll discuss layering with translucent over other designs.

•Pasta machine
•Hard, smooth work surface
•Sharp tissue blades
•Clay – translucent, white, black and tiny amounts of colored opaque clays.   We will be using Premo! Translucent White for translucent clay.  If you are interested in a rather in-depth comparison of various translucent clays, visit http://thebluebottletree.com/which-is-the-clearest-translucent-polymer-clay/
•Extras:  metal leaf, glitter, other inclusions

•Extruder (optional)

Sunday, November 11,  2018 ~ 1pm to 4 pm  ~ Labradorite:  Variations on a "stone" technique

You won't want to miss this class!  We will be learning a technique that creates polymer sheets that look like stone.  I refer to it as a labradorite technique since that is the stone that it sometimes resembles. As I've played around with this, I've made some changes, one of the biggest being experimenting with different color combinations.  

The materials you'll want to bring:

•Pasta machine & clamps
•glossy work surface
•tissue blades - both thin tissue blades that bend and thicker, stiffer blades
•clay in colors you like and that will blend well, or that are complimentary
•black and gold clay, translucent and pearl
•cutters or templates for making shapes
•findings as desired

Sunday, December 9, 2018  ~ 1 pm to 4 pm ~ Polymer Geode Slices

Here is one you don’t want to miss!!
In this class, you will learn how to create a faux geode “log” from which we will be able to make numerous slices.  These slices may be used alone, as shown by the earring sample, used to create a mobile, or even sliced thinly and placed over colored clay, as was done with the bangles.  You will also learn how to create a slice with a hollow center, and how to add special chips that make the geode sparkle. 

•Premo! translucent clay, either regular or white translucent
•Solid colors that you like.  You may tend toward browns, tans, golds  and grays, or go wild with blue, purple and red.  It is, after all, your geode!
•Pasta machine
•glass or glossy tile work surface
•tissue blade
•old credit card or other item with a hard edge, thicker than the tissue blade
•findings as desired
•composite “metal” sheets (such as copper, gold or silver)  I will have some if you decide you wish to use it
•tiny shard glitter ( I will bring this)
•translucent liquid polymer, such as TLS (Sculpey) or Kato liquid polymer

•super glue or other glue you use with your polymer


The photos below provide an idea of the variety of projects I've offered in the past.