Monday, June 27, 2011

Black, White, and Shades of Gray

Usually, I don't manage to work on new items for the Westerly gallery until the month before a show. This time, however, there was a special call for some items to be available early. The theme is "black, white and shades of gray" so I immediately thought of silk screening on polymer. I gently textured the clay using an organza fabric, and it created a perfect foil for the silk screened designs. These earrings have an oriental flare, and I really like them. Thought you might want to see them, too.
I've also made a silk screened pendant to go with some of the earrings.

In addition, I made a black and white kaleidescope cane which I used to create some beads. Of course, once you make beads, you still have to do something with them. Hence, the resulting necklace which uses silver jump rings and freshwater pearls to join the beads.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Earrings with Sparkle & Shine

Yesterday, I mentioned I had a few things to share. So here's more. Today, it's all about earrings. I love making pendants - their size seems to invite you to do more. Earrings are smaller, and the challenges are different. I decided to try something new.

I've put the earrings in two sets. This first grouping has lots of shine. I'd just gotten some metallic foils, and decided to see what they would do. Yes, there are also a couple of pairs with heat-set Swarovskis. There's just a bit of glint as the earrings move during wearing.

Then, I got caught up in 3-D again. I really love manipulating the clay to see what happens. I gave each sheet of clay a different finish on each side. In this way, you see glimpses of both finishes on each pair. Sort of a peek-a-boo effect. Centered on the folded tips are tiny pearls or more heat-set Swarovskis. These earrings are smaller than the other set, and have a look I find both dainty and fun.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bargello: A Classic Stitch - in Polymer!

I know it's been a while since I've posted here. My husband and I have been in Europe, bicycling in the Black Forest area in Germany for 3 weeks. It's an incredibly beautiful place, and we had a wonderful time. But there were a couple of things missing...Most of all, we missed our girls. Our three Australian Shepherds are a huge part of our lives. Every dog we met made us miss them more -- and in Europe, we met a lot of dogs. The other thing I missed was creating with clay. A lot. So, now that I'm home, I've been playing and experimenting in my work room - and have a few things to share with you.

First, I'd like to share 2 special beads I made. I'm a member of the Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild (SCPCG.) We have a traveling show which rotates amongst libraries in the state, giving patrons a view into the world of polymer. A call had gone out for new items, so I decided to try something I've never done before.

And here they are. This is a bargello pattern, first developed by Laura Liska. I made one bead with wide stripes, the other with thin stripes, just to see what the effect might be. This is a process that requires specific steps. It took me a while to make them, and I'm pleased with the results. Now I'll have to try it in another color combination. Any suggestions?