Saturday, March 31, 2012

Purple & Lime

Ah, another color theme. I really, really love these colors - the combination is so vibrant! This cane evolved from Ikat canes a friend, Laura, and I were making at a clay workshop. Laura put together an amazing combination that just really "hit" me. I quickly made a little Ikat cane using her colors with some modifications of my own, and brought it home. Of course, the piece was too small to do much, so I made a pendant which pretty much used up the cane. The pinwheel pendant above is the piece I made.
I was desperate for more. Unfortunately, I hadn't bothered to write down the formula for the colors and the mixes. Note to self: You most likely will not remember how you achieved specific mixed colors unless you write them down. So, while I waited for her to get back to me via email, I decided to try re-creating the colors on my own.
My cane came out more purple, while the original had a definite reddish cast mixed in. The cane I made was not an Ikat cane but rather what I call a "smooshed wedge" cane. I'm sure there's a more common - and better - name for it somewhere.
These are some pieces I made with my own color combo. Similar, but not the same. I hope you can see the subtle, but definite, color differences. Laura got back to me with her combo, and I have a feeling I'll be making that mix up again soon...

...And here it is. This piece just kept getting bigger - so it's a brooch. Love the starburst effect!

Friday, March 30, 2012

This is Orange

If you've been watching the new magazines in the polymer field, then you're probably familiar with From Polymer To Art from the Netherlands. Each of the issues is based on a color, and the issues are called things like "This is not Red" and "This is not Orange." Hence, the title of this post, since the items I'm sharing today are indeed Orange. ;)
I'm not sure how other polymer artists work, but sometimes I get caught up in a particular cane, and start making all sorts of pieces out of that cane. Other times, I fixate on a particular design or form, and make several pieces in that design from various canes. And sometimes, I fall in love with with both a cane type and a form or design, and get caught up, period.
Today's posting deals with the first situation. I don't do a lot of things in orange, so I decided I should make a cane and see where it led me. The necklace to the left is my first piece.
Then I decided to experiment with making a "bamboo" hoop (polymer of course) wrapped with small orange flowers and some leaves. The brown leaf loop at the top is the bail. Here are two shots to give you an idea of how it looks:

Here's one more little pendant with a carnelian nestled in the bottom petal.

As you can see, I've been having fun - and am still working on assembling another piece or two from a few more orange flowers I made. Perfect for late spring and into summer.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

An "Ode" to Lindly & Judith

I just finished my first blossom cluster necklace. I found a wonderful silver chain with double rows of rings, and it seemed perfect for a cluster of little spring blossoms. I love the way these little flowerettes dance about as the necklace moves. The makeup of the chain allows numerous adjustments, and it wears well from choker to princess length.

For the colors, I owe special thanks to two teachers from whom I've learned much. Lindly Haunani introduced me to the marvelous potential of the rainbow in polymer, and Judith Skinner gave us all "the blend."

Outside my Usual "Comfort Zone"

Well! I've just finished a pendant that is really a stretch from my usual jewelry. I calling this piece fabric" polymer. Let me know what you think.
I've always loved fabric: it's colors, the way it feels, the way it folds and drapes, the way it moves in clothing and curtains. Polymer, when raw and well conditioned, also has a great feel and movement. I've played around a bit with trying to make polymer look like fabric, and finally decided to make a "fabric pendant." Here is my first attempt, and I think I like it - it's certainly a change for me.

I also made a small matching band that slips on the silk ribbons.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ikat!! What a wonderful cane!

As you know, I went to Cabin Fever Clay Festival 2012 in late February, and had an outstanding time. I'm finally getting the chance to play with some of the things I learned. My first workshop was a full day with Lindly Haunani in which she spun her color magic for us in the form of Ikat canes. I had had very little experience with this particular type of cane, and really enjoyed Lindly's approach to making them. Here are photos of pieces I made at the workshop. The first piece I worked on was the 3-leaf pendant. I also had to try a larger leaf for a pin. As you can see, the Ikat pattern lends itself beautifully to a piece that has 2 sides, such as a leaf. Cutting the cane on the diagonal gave a great mirrored leaf-vein appearance. These were really fun to make! I also had to try some simple earrings using the cane "as is."

Then I came home, and had to try my hand at different colors and a different jewelry design. Here's my first piece - I really, really like it. The colors are quite rich, and the pearls just begged to be I did! Don't they look like they belong?!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Wheel" into March

Pinwheel, that is. I was looking at some canes I'd made, wondering what I could make with them. I made a smooth half-log out of one, and just started slicing pieces. As I lay them down, I realized I had the perfect shape for a flower pinwheel. That started a pinwheel frenzy which will most likely continue on and off for a while. I love the look, and there are so many combinations and options on something like this. Of course, they also remind me of flowers, which I love.
Besides, I'm ready for spring - only 20 more days by the calendar, and maybe sooner if the weather cooperates.
Here are my pinwheel pendants - and one pair of earrings.