Saturday, March 31, 2012

Purple & Lime

Ah, another color theme. I really, really love these colors - the combination is so vibrant! This cane evolved from Ikat canes a friend, Laura, and I were making at a clay workshop. Laura put together an amazing combination that just really "hit" me. I quickly made a little Ikat cane using her colors with some modifications of my own, and brought it home. Of course, the piece was too small to do much, so I made a pendant which pretty much used up the cane. The pinwheel pendant above is the piece I made.
I was desperate for more. Unfortunately, I hadn't bothered to write down the formula for the colors and the mixes. Note to self: You most likely will not remember how you achieved specific mixed colors unless you write them down. So, while I waited for her to get back to me via email, I decided to try re-creating the colors on my own.
My cane came out more purple, while the original had a definite reddish cast mixed in. The cane I made was not an Ikat cane but rather what I call a "smooshed wedge" cane. I'm sure there's a more common - and better - name for it somewhere.
These are some pieces I made with my own color combo. Similar, but not the same. I hope you can see the subtle, but definite, color differences. Laura got back to me with her combo, and I have a feeling I'll be making that mix up again soon...

...And here it is. This piece just kept getting bigger - so it's a brooch. Love the starburst effect!

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