Saturday, April 7, 2012

Something a Bit "Organic"

Here's something a little different. I've made lots of circular pieces, including hollow lentils and curved pieces, but not quite like these. The inspiration comes from Laura Tabakman - Her circle-within-circle pieces have a native, primitive-culture look I find appealing. I was looking forward to taking her workshop at CFCF this past February, but Laura had to leave the conference unexpectedly. In true sharing spirit, Lindly Haunani and Nan Roche stepped forward and worked together to develop a workshop so they could present to us what they understood of Laura's processes. So, while I did not have the opportunity to work with Laura, I did have the chance to learn a bit about making the circle-within-circle pieces. For the class, we used simple jelly roll and bull's eye canes.
When I came home and started working on this design for myself, I immediately was drawn to the idea of using crissy canes. I like the almost ruffled edges of the cane, and I love the repetition of the circular theme.
While Laura's dangles are elegant and fit her pieces perfectly, my style is different. As you can see in the various pieces pictured here, I was having fun making these my own.
Of course, I needed a pair of earrings...and I couldn't resist taking this idea in another direction with the lime & purple canes I've been playing with lately.


  1. Your work in polymer is truly lovely. Bold and bright just like I love. Congrats on the feature on The polymer arts blog today :).

    1. Thank you so much, Kim! Color is wonderful, isn't it! And yes, it's a real pleasure to be on the Polymer Arts blog.