Saturday, June 23, 2012

Falling Petals....

Leaves fall in autumn, petals fall in late spring.  Hence, the inspiration for these pieces.  I started with the 2 wavy-edged leaves and the flowers just begged for some drifting petals. These two just didn't seem like pendants, so they became pins.

As I was tinkering around with them, I just happened to put them together in such a way that they spoke: "bracelet!"  So that's what I tried next.   These 2 cuff bracelets have a small armature at the join, but are otherwise all polymer. I'm looking at different ways to add a clasp of some sort of it seems necessary, and to see how they wear.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Flower Clusters

As you can tell from the picture at the left, I really like this cane I made. I got carried away making flowers from this cane, and started making little bouquets.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these little flower clusters - probably pendants of some sort. One has plain flower centers, the other has crystals at the cores.

I decided to make a pendant with fewer flowers, and added some leaves as possible locations for chains or other necklace straps.  Then I had to make it again in another color combination of the same cane.  The crystals in the centers are chrysolite.  This aqua piece has already been claimed by a bead-weaving friend.  I want to see what you do with it, Anita!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My First Zinnias

 These are my first zinnias.  It was interesting to work on the layers.  I made petal canes that I left in 3 sizes.  Then I started in the middle and built the flowers in both directions.  I really didn't know how large they would need to be to look "complete", so I started with a medium circle of petals, and lay progressively smaller petals, working toward the center.  Then I added larger petals along the bottom until I was satisfied with the shape and size.

In looking at photos of real zinnias, I was intrigued at the various different little petals that circle the center.  I chose the little swirled pre-petals to use in these samples.  They show up especially well on the red and white zinnia.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Floral Brooches

More florals, yes, I know. I'm stuck on flowers right now  - and thoroughly enjoying it, so it must be a good thing. :)  They're all a bit different. Some may resemble real flowers from our gardens, others are just my interpretation of what a flower could be.  The colors are all mine.  This first set shows 3 very different pieces.  All but the yellow/coral piece are pin/pendant convertibles.  I like the idea of giving someone the flexibility of wearing a piece as a necklace or a brooch.  This just creates a lot more options.
The next piece reminds me of gladiolus.  Given all the colors they come in, I figured my mix probably exists "out there" somewhere.  This piece originally was supposed to be an off-center necklace, but the wire I was using was too soft to handle the weight of the clay. So, the piece became a pin.  I'll try my idea again when I find something less flexible for a base.

Here is another variation on a starburst I first tried a few weeks ago.  For some reason, this particular design created with this particular cane almost looks like it's in motion.  I really like this design.

Finally, here is another of my "special" triangular shaped flowers I developed one day while playing with petal shapes.  The blends and fades from yellow to violet really makes this piece come alive.