Thursday, June 21, 2012

My First Zinnias

 These are my first zinnias.  It was interesting to work on the layers.  I made petal canes that I left in 3 sizes.  Then I started in the middle and built the flowers in both directions.  I really didn't know how large they would need to be to look "complete", so I started with a medium circle of petals, and lay progressively smaller petals, working toward the center.  Then I added larger petals along the bottom until I was satisfied with the shape and size.

In looking at photos of real zinnias, I was intrigued at the various different little petals that circle the center.  I chose the little swirled pre-petals to use in these samples.  They show up especially well on the red and white zinnia.

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  1. Kristie, as usual you come up with wonderful ideas. How about a polymer clay flower cane class?