Monday, March 12, 2012

Ikat!! What a wonderful cane!

As you know, I went to Cabin Fever Clay Festival 2012 in late February, and had an outstanding time. I'm finally getting the chance to play with some of the things I learned. My first workshop was a full day with Lindly Haunani in which she spun her color magic for us in the form of Ikat canes. I had had very little experience with this particular type of cane, and really enjoyed Lindly's approach to making them. Here are photos of pieces I made at the workshop. The first piece I worked on was the 3-leaf pendant. I also had to try a larger leaf for a pin. As you can see, the Ikat pattern lends itself beautifully to a piece that has 2 sides, such as a leaf. Cutting the cane on the diagonal gave a great mirrored leaf-vein appearance. These were really fun to make! I also had to try some simple earrings using the cane "as is."

Then I came home, and had to try my hand at different colors and a different jewelry design. Here's my first piece - I really, really like it. The colors are quite rich, and the pearls just begged to be I did! Don't they look like they belong?!

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