Monday, August 16, 2010

What a Difference Materials Make!

My husband and I are just back from a 12 day trip to Michigan. We spent a week of that time bicycling 45 - 65 miles per day along the east side of Lake Michigan from Montague all the way to Mackinaw City. Lovely country, some beautiful views, and hills!! .... all of which my legs are still feeling...

However, cycling wasn't the hardest part. The most difficult was being away from our three Aussies, "the girls." They are a huge part of our lives, and we miss them when we travel. The other piece that was hard for me was being away from my clays and beads. I had lots of ideas which I sketched at evening time, but I really missed the actual hands-on "doing."

So, when we got home, I finished up a sample bracelet for one of the beadweaving workshops I'm doing. I wanted folks to see how very different the same piece looks made out of different materials. These examples, I think, show it quite clearly. This particular stitch looks very elegant and classy when made up in Swarovski crystals. On the other hand, it has a more subtle effect when made out of natural stones. Here are side-by-side photos - what do you think?

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