Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall Leaves...

I love leaves. I love their shapes, their textures, and their colors - especially the colors they wear in fall. Recently, I ran across some leaf pins made several years ago by Mike Buesseler, and decided to create my own version.

These pieces are such fun to make! I used Skinner blends to form the base. Real leaves were impressed into the background using a roller. I used various types of texture devices to secure the edges of the leaf. The texture was also used to add interest to the rest of the background. I used Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments to add color and shine to the background. The leaf was then removed, and the resulting tile was placed on a complimentary background. The photo shows some pendants I've made with matching bails.

I also made some changeable pin/pendants. The finding on the back has both a bail for a chain and a pin backing so the wearer can decide which style works best. Don't you just love versatility?!

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