Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

Yes, it's January - and that means February and Valentine's Day are right around the corner. I wanted to put together a couple of pieces for the Westerly gallery show, and decided to use the dimensional approach on a couple of heart pendants. One is in a true red with white while the other is in a more salmon/rose shade. They each sport a rose in honor of the occasion.

After I made the earrings pictured at the left, I realized the design would be perfect for the "swap" at Cabin Fever Clay Festival. Once again, I'll be heading to Baltimore in February for a week of learning and sharing a playing with clay. It's a simply wonderful week, and I always come away with new ideas and a renewed appreciation for the talent and artistry of the festival instructors who teach and share their ideals and their techniques with the rest of us. It's a very special event. On the last evening, everyone who wants to brings in small polymer beads or charms (about 1/2" - 1" in diameter), and trades or swaps them for others' pieces. This year, Marie Segal is being honored for her contributions to polymer art. Since Marie will be teaching a heart design, the theme for the swap is "hearts." So I'll be making 50+ little hearts for the swap. Perhaps I'll remember to pop in a photo later once I have some made.


  1. wow Kristie! Those are cool.

  2. Thanks, Mel. They were fun to do, too! :)