Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Flower Shape

I enjoy making flowers in polymer, especially when they're blooming all around me outdoors.  And I love manipulating clay shapes to see where they might go.  As I was playing with petals, and shaping them into flowers, I tried pushing and folding the clay and came up with a new shape and flower.  I realize this is probably a shape someone else has also "discovered" yet it's new for me, so I'm calling it "my" shape.

I've used it in both 6 and 8-petal flowers. The 6-petal flowers remind me of trillium.  Perhaps the 8 petal flowers are a new strain of dogwood? There is an example of this shape in my April 27th posting. I like the 2 layers of petals, and their differing sizes.  I also think it's a perfect application for the "crushed wedge" cane I like making so much.

As you can see, I had to start experimenting with the center of these flowers, too. Great place for a rose!

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