Monday, December 3, 2012

Tiny Flowers "Sculpted" with Polymer

Oh, I like this style!  I've seen pictures a couple of times showing sweet little flowers made using tiny bits of clay.  I decided to try it myself.  Of course, being on a cylinder kick meant I had to try it as decoration on a couple of the long tubes.  The teal pendant was my first piece - and so far, it's my favorite.  It was very time consuming to form the tiny pieces of clay and attach them to the base.  I found I really tuned everything else out while I was making the various shapes.

The purple pendant is large - almost half again as long as the teal piece.  It seemed to need more decoration, too.  I baked the core first, then used Genesis Thick Medium as a bond to hold the tiny flower pieces to the base.  I've rubbed the pieces pretty hard since baking, and the bond seems quite strong.

One more cylinder pendant to share.  This one is more sculptural and along the lines of other embellishments I've done in the past.  It's even larger than the purple piece, which is a bit unusual for me.  It just kept growing as I worked.  I really like the "home-grown" leaf tassel on this one in particular.  Lots of motion!

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