Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sometimes, There is a Perfect Cane....

Many polymer artists enjoy making canes.  Some canes just beg to be used, while sometimes we wonder what to do with them once we've made them...  I love the wedge canes I make for petals and flowers, and have found them to be very versatile.  I use these canes for lots of different designs in earrings,  pendants and even bracelets.
Every once in a while, I run across another artist's cane design that I think is incredible.  This has proven to be especially true of the Fountain Flower cane from Israel's Marcia Tzigelnik. In my January 6, 2013 blog posting, I pictured some hollow donuts I had made using this cane.  Later that same month, Marcia's cane idea and my application  of it were featured in the Daily Polymer Arts Blog.  I was playing with this cane again, and just discovered another way in which to use it.  I call these "compact bud flowers."  It's really amazing how the design in the cane just seems to line up perfectly for these little shapes.  Wonder what application I'll "discover" next?

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