Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mokemu Gane and Motion

Mokemu gane is one of my favorite techniques.  The results are always unique and unusual, and are influenced by the colors used,  the way in which they are layered, and the items pressed into the colored stacks of polymer.  I think my favorite step is the slicing of the stack after the design has been pressed. It's always a surprise to see what the patterns look like.

As you can see in the photos here, each piece has its own personality. I'm particularly fond of teals and turquoise shades, and the mixture here, combined with coppers and brown tones, is really lovely.  I decided to make a couple of two-part pendants.  The pieces in this first pendant show the different shades of blues.  The motion draws attention to the lines.  The pendant on the right has less of the copper and brown tones and has a different feel.

I wanted to finish the slices I had made, so created a couple of other pieces.  I think this last photo shows the shades and the design patterns well.  If you've never tried this technique, I recommend you do.
An Internet search will produce numerous descriptions and tutorials.  This is a most enjoyable and surprising process, and one I return to repeatedly.  Here is one more set I made in teals and purples.

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