Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My First Barrettes

For some reason, I've never tried making polymer barrettes.  A while ago, I found some really nice barrette bases made in France, and purchased a few, with the intention of giving barrettes a try.  Actually, it was several months ago, and I finally decided to just do it.

Here are my first barrettes, just in time for the holiday show at the gallery.

The polymer is attached to the barrette base via strips of polymer on the back side.  The barrette bases have spaces at both ends and in the middle that make for perfect connection points.

As you can probably tell, the leaves come from leaf canes I made, while the flower petals are extruded canes from my combo extruder.

These next three barrettes aren't really flowers, but they do have a floral feel.  The largest petal "burst" - in deep blues and greens - sports petals made from one of my spider mum canes.  It's amazing how extruding changes a design, while still maintaining its essence.


  1. These are gorgeous I recently made a barrette for a friend for her birthday the first one I had tried it turned out quite well not as colourful as your beauties though!

    1. Thanks for the compliments, Jackie. I bet your friend was delighted with her gift!