Sunday, March 1, 2015

More Black & White "Magic"

Today, I'll be sharing some photos of earrings and bracelets I made to fit into the Westerly gallery theme for March.
First, the cuff bracelets.  These flowers were both created from petal canes I made.  I reduced a portion of each cane in order to have different sizes to use for the inner and outer petals.  The bolder black and white flower on the left is mounted on a single piece brass cuff.  I put a magnetic clasp in the opening to help secure the bracelet.  The flower on the right is set on a hinged cuff that stays closed while worn.

The diamond-shaped earring pairs fit well into the "magic" theme since they seem to need a second look to figure out the design.
The striped pairs almost look like the lines are moving, especially when they swing from the ears.

The last pair of larger tube-shaped earrings were made from a kaleidoscope cane. This was a cane composed of several simple canes.  When the pieces are combined, reduced, and combined again, the resulting pattern can almost seem like "magic."

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