Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Decorating "Torn-Paper Watercolor"

In a September, 2010 post, I showed the first pieces I'd made using the torn-paper technique.  This is a process, I believe, that was developed by Maggie Maggio.  If she didn't develop it, she certainly created some incredible pieces with the technique.

Recently, I was teaching a workshop using this process, and of course ended up with some sheets of my own.  In the past, I've used the sheets just as they were to create jewelry pieces.  But this time, it occurred to me I could use these sheets as background.

So today I share with you 3 variations on a theme.  This first photo shows 2 different decoration designs, both on the same torn paper background.  The larger pendant has simple geometric lines and dots.  I also used Preserve Your Memories 2 on this piece. The narrower pendant sports vines and a flower, and was left with a matte finish. The edges of these pendants have been finished with liquid paint from a gold leafing pen by Krylon.

This set of various blues and purples is embellished with calla lilies and vines. These pieces have silver edges.

The necklace to the left is composed of torn paper cube beads, Swarovski crystals, and hollow velveteen covered rubber tubes.  Although the cubes aren't decorated, this is something new for me.

One more photo.  I can't seem to stop making these tiny decorated glass bottles.  Here's the latest, all in white:

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