Saturday, March 19, 2016

Fun With a Bull's Eye "Striped" Cane

As sometimes happens, I've gotten caught up in making one type of cane.  Then I play around with it for a while before making jewelry pieces. I've finally gotten a few things done and photographed, and thought I'd share them here.
The photo to the left shows an example of the cane.  As you can probably tell, I started with a Skinner Blend bull's eye cane, wrapped it in a thin sheet of white and then a thin sheet of black, and then compressed from side to side.  The compressing process elongated the cane. Once it reached about 12 inches, I cut the cane in half and then into fourths, and stacked the pieces side-by-side.  I reduced the piece again, and then cut it in half again, and joined the pieces as is depicted in the photo.  You could certainly continue to reduce, cut, and join the pieces, making the striped bull's eye sections narrower and narrower.  This 8-section cane seemed fine for my purposes.

I think it's pretty obvious that I just cut slices of the cane and ran them through the pasta machine to make the pendant and earring set shown on the right.  I like the look, as well as the fact that the cane can run horizontally or vertically and create a different effect.

The pendant and earring set below was made from the cane above, as well as from another Skinner blend bull's eye cane in similar colors.

The last photo shows a pair of earring made from the same cane but with some manipulations. Basically, I rolled and swirled pieces from the original cane into a log, flattened the log very thin in the pasta machine, and then cut slices and placed them off-set next to each other on a clay base.  Fun and interesting process - and I like the result.  I know I'll be making more along these lines.  The design that appears is somewhat of a surprise, since it develops as you slice and place.

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