Saturday, October 8, 2016

Not My Usual...

I was getting ready to teach a workshop on the feathering technique in polymer.  It's a fun and easy process, and the results always manage to amaze and delight me.  I hadn't used the technique for a while, so decided to make up a sheet for demonstration purposes.   What I ended up doing really surprised me!
Before I show you my experimental pieces, I'm going to show you a photo of jewelry pieces made up in more traditional format.   The design creates sheets that have color and pattern similarities, but the design is not a repeating pattern.  So pieces cut from the same sheet "go together" well, but do not exactly match.  The earrings, pendant and cuff bracelet in this photo show what I mean.  The stripes and mixes are not exactly the same in all the pieces, but they harmonize well.

These pieces come from a sheet a made at the workshop as I demonstrated the various steps. However, at home in preparation for the workshop, I made a sheet in similar fall colors - and took it in a totally new direction.

The next 2 photos show what I made with the feathered sheet at home.  These pieces were all cut free-hand, and I was amazed that they seemed to just work together.  I just sort of cut in a curved pattern - and look what happened!  I'm not sure what I'll do with these three loose pieces at right.

The last photo shows 2 different "wild cut" pieces placed on backgrounds using the same colors.  I'm going to put pin backings on these two.  This just demonstrates that sometimes  the clay takes us in new and interesting directions. 


  1. Dear Kristie
    What a lovely technique. I am sure this will be a really popular class. I really enjoy 'happy accidents' in crafting, which often give a more interesting effect than the one aimed at!
    Best wishes

  2. I love happy accidents! And as you've shown, they happen most often when you're willing to try new, different things. What if...? Nicely done, Kristie!