Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Exploring Liquid Polymer

This is such fun! I like trying new processes, and I've just started exploring liquid polymer. I decided to try an idea that comes from Bettina Welker of Germany. I wanted different colors, so experimented with mixing my own colors using alcohol inks - also a first time venture for me. I think the colors came out beautifully.

These pendants are incredibly light weight - you don't even know they're around your neck. I love the way the translucent base makes the colors almost glow. Here's a close up - hope you can see what I mean. I textured the fine silver edging strips for contrast. The strips add some structure and support to the liquid polymer, as well as some interest.

Another feature is the process makes each strip 2-sided so you have the option of using a more detailed, matte side or a more blended and shinier side. On top of that, even the finished pendants have 2 sides, making them reversible!

Here are two photos of the same pendants - side A and side B.

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  1. How do you do that! It is beautiful! Have you ever thought about making a tutorial on your blog?