Friday, September 10, 2010

Torn Paper Watercolor Technique

Here is a great technique - easy to do, and so variable! I love making the sheets, tearing them up, and combining the pieces to create color-collages. When the torn sections are rolled smooth, the look is really wonderful. You can use the sheets and torn bits to decorate almost anything - jewelry, as I have here - or objects such as boxes, or bowls, or tool handles, or whatever you wish. Here are some of my latest pieces. The pink pendant below is reversible to a blue torn paper collage on the other side.
These earrings show two different color
paths for fall foliage collages.
This pendant has larger pieces of the sheets on one side, torn bits on the other. Not only is the whole piece reversible, but each section can be rotated separately so that colors from both sides show.

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