Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Translucents with Kathleen Dustin

The Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild (SCPG), of which I am a member, recently sponsored a 2-day workshop on Translucent polymer with Kathleen Dustin. Kathleen is a master polymer artist, and it was an incredible opportunity to be able to work with her. She brings her background in ceramics to the world of polymer, with some amazing results. To see her latest work, check out her blog:

We spent our time with her learning about some of her techniques with translucents. I love translucent canes and the layers they create. I've made several different pieces with my own translucent canes, but never in quite the way Kathleen presented.

After colorizing a baked base, we covered the base with various translucent canes we made. The final steps involved extensive sanding, carving, and back filling. I was unable to attend the second day, so my piece is missing the carving. I did try it later on a second piece and learned something - I need a lot of practice carving on polymer if I'm going to use it! I am, however, pleased with the results of my first piece.


  1. You know I was never nuch for sanding & buffing but after this class I am all for it. Great class.

  2. I agree, Mel. The finishing touches make all the difference. Loved the opportunity to work with Kathleen. Fun time!