Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CFCF 2012

Yes, it's the time of year to head to Baltimore for the Cabin Fever Clay Festival. This is my fourth year, and I plan to learn much while enjoying the company of like-minded individuals. It's always thrilling to be in the company of such talented artists. The instructors are world class, and many of the attendees are incredibly talented. I love the opportunity to learn and share. What lovely "torture" - to *have* to clay all day!

As usual, we have a theme for the swap. This year, it's "hearts" in honor of Marie Segal who is this year's recipient of the 2012 Creative Pioneer and Innovator award. I've started working on my little swap hearts. I decided to try something a little 3-Dish. These pieces remind me a bit of quilling, which is usually done with paper. Here's a snapshot of the first ones. Most are in the traditional red and white theme, though I'm tossing in a few other colors as I go along.

Of course, it turns out these require 2 bakings and then gluing of the silver eye hook to allow hanging. I've a few made, but have to really get busy if I'm going to have the 80 or 90 we're supposed to make in order to swap with everyone. Oh, the pressure! ;) We also are supposed to make one special heart bead which will be strung on a special strand and presented to Marie at the Innovator ceremony. Below is the heart I've made for Marie.

In addition, each presenter has sent a list of supplies and pre-workshop preparation we're supposed to have done before the conference even starts. Gotta get crackin'!

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