Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I've been meaning to try my hand at butterflies.  I loved making dragonfly wings (see 7/13/10 post), and decided to try making a butterfly cane or two.  I wanted these to be able to be 3D to a certain extent, so did not encase them in translucent.  The original shapes were over a couple inches wide, and I found reducing evenly to be a bit interesting.

So, here are my first butterflies. I made the monarch wing sections first.  Then I made some lentils from slices of the wings, swirled them about, and placed a little butterfly on each.  These were just the right size for pendants, so I put sterling bails on them.

Then I decided to make a yellow butterfly.  It's not really a swallowtail, just yellow.  I made a swirl lentil, then decided to play with a different shape. Here's what I came up with.  I'm not sure what to call this shape - any suggestions?

Finally, I decided to make some lentils with flowers AND butterflies.  Here are a few:


  1. I see another class proposal!

    1. You just want to do it all, Mel - I don't blame you! ;)