Thursday, October 25, 2012

Using Molds

Molds - they have a wide variety of applications, but for some reason I rarely use them.  Perhaps it's because I enjoy manipulating the clay so much myself that I don't even think about molds.  I did use them when I first worked with silver precious metal clay.  That clay is so expensive, dries so quickly, and cracks so easily that molds enable users to make some really lovely shapes and nice pieces without a loss of the clay.  Polymer is totally different.  I can work and re-work something until it's just the way I want it, and I don't have to be concerned about cost or the medium "wearing out" before I'm done.

All this said, the other day I was making small Skinner blends in fall colors.  I wanted to make some leaf earrings with the fall colors blending into each other.  Somehow, though, when I had the blends made, I just really didn't want to make them into canes and slices...Looking through supplies, I happened upon a leaf mold, and the idea struck - why not give the mold a try?

So, here are some results.  The colors mimic those on the trees in my yard, the shape is fun and interesting without overpowering the colors, and there are posts and dangles to choose from. It's all very "Fall."

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