Sunday, February 10, 2013

Criss-Cross - A Different Shape

As many polymer people know, it's fun to play with the clay, exploring different options and possibilities.  I've recently developed a new shape, and have been "claying around" for a couple of days.  The photos here show several pendants made with different surface techniques, all sporting variations on this new shape theme.  The two to the left were made with mica shift sheets.  You'll notice that one has a single criss-cross while the other has none.

The next photo shows 3 more pendants, one with criss-cross at the top, one with criss-cross at the bottom and one crossed in both places. Canework, textures and mokemu gane were used for the surfaces.

The last picture has some criss-cross earring to match the pendant, using the torn paper technique.  I don't know what else I might do with this shape, and it certainly has been fun experimenting.  

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