Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Odds & Ends....

Today's post doesn't have a set theme.  It's just a collection of some things I've done recently that don't really belong to any particular category.  So - here goes!

 This bright and perky set was made from a scrambled cane. The individual pieces are folded in the middle over the buna cord and the whole pendant moves as one piece.
 I made these leaves from a series of what I call "wedge" canes.  I love the way these canes meld colors while keeping them separate enough to create a wispy striped look.
 Here is a first-time experiment.  I found the white finished metal filigree bracelet cuff, and decided to try decorating with polymer.  The cane is a compound petal cane, and each petal was placed individually as it was secured to the adjoining petal.  On the inside, there is a strip of teal polymer that is pushed up against the filigree and meets the polymer petals from the top.

This last pendant is convex, with just enough bend to allow the bead strand cluster to swing freely in front. This creates a simple, yet nice bit of motion.

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