Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Ribbon Runs Through It

The title of this post actually has a double meaning, which you'll discover as you look at the photos.    Each of these pendants has a ribbon of polymer running through the middle of the piece, and there is also a black silk ribbon passing through the top loop to serve as the "chain."  

This is another  idea that came to me in my sleep, and figuring out how to get the polymer ribbon and the 2 side pieces all integrated was a challenge. 

I particularly like the cut out open spaces within the polymer ribbon section.  I think they add another dimension to these pendants.


  1. Kristi,
    When we are in Westerly we enjoy seeing your work at The Arts Cooperative Gallery, and have fun choosing which piece of jewelry to wear - unique and wonderful - I have fun each time I find your new ideas and can benefit from the expression on me. Today just purchased the purple ribbon necklace.
    Namaste Suzanne Capizzano

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. I love knowing you enjoy the pieces I make. It means a lot to me. Have fun wearing the necklace. ~Kristie