Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Soft, Sweet Transluscents

I love the effect of translucent polymer.  This clay imparts a softness - almost a cloudy aspect to the pieces. It's not easy to see on the screen, but in person there is a luminescence in translucent pieces that is simply lovely.

One of the canes I enjoy making with translucent is the chrysanthemum or "chrissy" cane. I most frequently make this with a Skinner blended translucent layer and a solid white, thinner layer of clay.  These layers are rolled up jelly-roll style with indentations made by a credit card or similar item, and voila! Your cane is ready for use!
The pieces in this post were made with translucent solids and a few different translucent and white chrissy canes.  The bracelets above and the earrings on the right were all made from chrissy canes that shaded from yellow to green to purple to fuschia.  As you can see, mixing these colors with translucent softens the hue.

The earrings on the left were made with another color combination.

These 2 bracelets below were made from very different color pallets.  The upper cuff has dusty purples and light rose colors while the lower cuff is oriented a bit more toward fall:  copper, greens and rust.

Translucent polymer has myriad applications in layered applications, too. If you haven't explored this particular clay, you have a treat in store.

Here are two more pairs of earrings in different styles. Pendants coming soon! Stay tuned.

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