Sunday, January 26, 2014

See What Wedge Canes Can Do!

Wedge canes are one of my favorite cane-types to make.   They can be fashioned into petals or flowers or leaves, or used in designs or kaleidoscope canes.  I start with a Skinner Blend bull's eye cane, cut it into quarters, and mush these wedges together.  Depending on how you decide to form each wedge, and whether you are using one or two bull's eye canes as a starting base, the variations are amazing.  I love the multiple thin lines that create illusions of even more color.

This is all preamble to the three necklaces I have to share with you today.  I decided to see how various uses of a wedge cane would look. Of course, knowing my penchant for circles, I suppose it makes sense that these three pieces all have a circular theme.
The green piece is perhaps the most elaborate, with the chain and dangles.  You can see the cane design, in which I used a wrap of white and black.  It also made a great twisted snake for a snail spiral, so I had to add that, too.

Enter a purple/blue mix. I had fun with this one, making a flower cane from the wedges, and opening the snail spiral for added interest.

Last is the red pendant.  This one is larger than the other two, and seemed to want more backing to add support and structure.  Here, again, is the snail spiral and some round shapes derived from the cane.

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