Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Polymer Faux Ceramic: A Side Step

While working with the faux ceramic look, I found I really liked working with pastels.  I decided to try them with some different texture patterns.  The pieces I made did not have as much of a ceramic look as the first set, partially, I feel, due to the designs used, as well as the shapes I made.  After baking, they asked for something more besides a PYM2 finish.  Since I enjoy the depth and shine of a resin finish, I decided to give these pieces a resin coating.  I'm quite pleased with the way they turned out.

The branch and tiny blossom design is quite delicate, and really doesn't look much like the broader patterns we usually associate with ceramics.  The pendant and earring set were made using teal, green and rust shades.  The earrings were colored in shades of blue and pink.  You can see how using different colors changes the tone entirely.

These two pair of earrings again are the result of multiple colors added one at a time, with the brush worked in different directions.

The golden pendant is simple, and I thought the filigree bail I found complimented it quite well.

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