Saturday, March 29, 2014

Polymer "Pottery" : Wearable Vessels

Small vessels have long intrigued me.  I like the shapes, and the idea that something can be carried inside.  Recently, I ran across a nice tutorial from Chris Dembinski. She uses the torn watercolor paper technique to decorate beads in different shapes, including a small pot.   I've always liked the torn sheet look, and thought it would be fun to give her idea a try.  I've been meaning to make some vessels, and this was the perfect impetus.  Besides, it ties in nicely with my "polymer pottery" explorations.
Here are 3 little vessels I made.  The aqua and the plum ones have handles.  The red one is more flat like a bead with a rim around the top.  They are all finished with hand-dyed silk cording or ribbons, with sterling beads added for embellishment.  I've left the ribbon ends "as is" so people can tie the necklaces to a preferred length. They could also be cut and glued into findings, if desired.
By the way, Chris Dembinski has some great polymer color recipe ebooks on her Etsy site "craftsbychris" - you might want to check them out.

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