Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Buds and Blooms

I wasn't ready to leave flower making, so decided to make some variations on the blooming flower earrings. I also had to try my hand at some new flower buds.  These first blooms to the left demonstrate 2 new Skinner-blend striped extruded canes with crystals and fiber optic beads dangles.  

The next pair have only 4 petals instead of 6 or 8. This allows a more open "peek" inside the flower.    I chose to put jasper stones in the centers to add interest.

Finally, two more pairs in similar color-ways.  The use of white in the center on the left pair makes them perfect for spring or summer.   I'm already thinking spring, and it's only November...

Leaving the extruder on my worktable, I went in search of some wedge canes.  They were perfect for the fat little bud earrings in the last two photos.

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