Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Button Up!

OK, we're in the midst of a blizzard back here in Connecticut.   Looking out at the swirling snow as it piles up on bushes and paths and up against the fence just makes me want to burrow deeper into my coat.  "Button up!" as our mothers would say when we went out in cold weather as children.  I had some clay just sitting there in front of me, so found myself fashioning a little button front jacket complete with black ruffled ribbing around the neck and cuffs.

Of course, this led to thoughts of simple earrings "buttoned up" in the some of the muted and slightly "off" colors of Gucci winter fashions.  I used some pearl-based colors with geometric designs I had for these first pairs:

Then I made some using a couple of Skinner blends.  The blends were a bit too subtle and don't really show well, but these will go well with different outfits.  The mustard pair is missing a button - on purpose!

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