Saturday, February 14, 2015

I'm Off to CFCF 2015!

It's amazing how quickly a year goes by, especially when we have event markers that show us time really is moving forward.  Cabin Fever Clay Festival is just such an event marker for me, and I'm delighted to see it here again.  I always learn something new - or at least some great tips and tricks - and the instructors and attendees are a great group that I really enjoy.  The impending winter storm here in New England caused me to change my travel plans, and I fly out in a few hours.

This year at the conference, they are honoring Maureen Carlson. The theme for the "inchie" swap is Masks.  Before I pack them,  I thought I'd show you the little African-inspired masks I made.  This first photo shows the black and white version with a few mokume gane masks thrown in.

 I am doing a show in March with a black and white theme, and somehow that color scheme just spilled over into the masks.

The other pile shows the variety of colors I used - really a contrast to the set above.  It will be interesting to see which masks go quickest during the swap.

You can plan on a posting or two about the conference after I get back.  I'm working with some instructors I've had previously, as well as with some who are new to me.  Fun!

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