Monday, February 9, 2015

Paper Mache' & Polymer

A few weeks ago, I taught a workshop on covering metal containers with polymer.  We used Altoid tins, even cutting around the hinge areas so the tins opened and closed.  One student brought a small paper mache' box and covered that, too.  I liked the versatility I could envision with the paper mache' box, and decided to try a few of my own.
The first one I made showcases a tessellation in black and white. This particular design is based on a traditional Japanese pattern explained in a tutorial by Nikolina Otrzan on Craft Art Edu.  I am working on creating some pieces in black and white for the March show in Westerly, and this pattern just begged to be made in those high-contrast colors.  I decided to try painting the paper mache' section above the clay on the base and really liked the finished look it gave.

This green box showcases a multi-colored braided cane.  I love the brightness of the colors and the hexagonal shape.

The little round red box seemed the perfect spot for a cane I made based on a tutorial from Marcia Tzigelnik or Mars Design.

This other round box features a cover made from a Stroppel cane.  These canes are such a perfect use for  clay scraps and cane ends, and I love the effect.

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