Friday, May 1, 2015

"Happy Flower" Earrings

A recent email from Donna Kato regarding a free tutorial on CraftArtsEdu reminded me it's been a long while since I made what I call "Happy Flower" earrings.  The perkiness, color and simplicity of these earrings make me smile, hence the name.  They can be made from almost any cane or clay colors you may have lying around.  There are different ways to turn them into earrings, and certainly size can vary.

I had some Ikat pieces and some wedge canes around, and set to making up a few pairs.  I decided to make most of these dangling off ear wires, attached to jump rings on the earring backs.

The pink and purple pairs are based somewhat on the dogwood blossoms that will soon be opening around here.  Yay, Spring!  Note the purple niobium ear wires on the right.  They matched perfectly!

The pairs to the left are smaller than the others. Not sure what I like the best.

Just one pair ended up having posts attached. Something tells me I'll probably be making more soon.....

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