Saturday, December 16, 2017

Polymer-Covered Gift Pens

Around the holidays, it's nice to have a few things at the galleries that incorporate polymer into something that would make a good gift.  This year, I decided to make some polymer covered metal twist pens.  These pens take actual ball point ink cartridges, so they can be refilled once the ink has run out and used again. I used twist pen "kits" from Boston Craftworks and from Penn State Industries.  I was pleased with the quality of the materials from both companies, and they both shipped the ordered items fairly quickly.
To cover the metal sections of the pens, I experimented with a couple of different polymer designs. There is a seam where the sheet of polymer wraps around the metal, and hiding that seam is the trickiest aspect.  I found that three options worked particularly well.  A sheet from a mokume gane stack was perfect, since you can take ultra-thin slices from the stack and place them along the seam. The seam is hidden and it just appears that the random design from the mokume gane goes all the way around. Another option is to make a striped stack. Variagated stripes, such as an Ikat stack or stripes that are random (not a specific color pattern that could show where the seam is) worked really well, and looked elegant.  Finally, a square cane that you have made will work very well - just reduce the cane to be sure it fits around the pen without needing major alteration, and it looks like the design just keeps going - around and around.  The photo shows pens covered in mokume gane (#2, 5, 7) pens covered in Ikat and stripes (#3 & 4). and one pen covered in a square cane (#6).


  1. Hi Kristie! Your polymer clay covered pens are Beautiful!! If you are satisfied with the ones you’ve used, can you direct me to the exact pens you buy from Penn State Industires? They have a lot of choices and I cannot tell which pens you have covered from your pics. You’ve done great work and I love your blog. I saw you first on Pinterest. Thank you for sharing. MaryClare

  2. HI, MaryClare,
    Thank you so much for your compliments. Yes, I'm very satisfied with the pens from Penn State Industries. The 2 styles I have used are the Executive No Press Twist pen kits, and the Comfort No Press Twist pen kit. Hope this is helpful to you!