Friday, June 8, 2018

Getting the "Point"

If you have glanced through this blog very much, you may have noticed that most of my pieces are smooth and rounded.  I tend to like shapes with curves and things that flow.  Yet every once in a while, it's good to push comfort levels aside, and give something new a try.  So today I have for you a "pointy" necklace.  You have probably seen similar designs elsewhere, but this is my first foray into this particular scheme.

I had fun creating the polymer sheets.  There are three different patterns used here.  I made an Ikat cane, (the one with teal, purple and fuchsia)  a marbled teal and aqua cane with deep texture, and a simply textured purple-blue sheet. Then I cut the shapes.  I used a sharp blade and cut angles that I found appealing.  The top of the pieces were bevel-cut and rolled back to create bails for hanging.  The slightly oval crystals on the cord compliment the colors in the piece, but don't detract from the focals.  It was a fun piece to make, and should be fun to wear on a spring or summer day.

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