Sunday, August 5, 2018

Color Transfers with an Oriental Flare

 A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of teaching a workshop on color transfers.  There are several different approaches to this process.  I use 70% alcohol wipes in mine, and I have been consistently pleased with the results. For the first time, I decided to use Souffle clay. Souffle is another product from Sculpey. The clay has a somewhat velety feel and a matte texture, and I was not sure how the color transfers would adhere to the non-sticky clay.
In a nutshell, Souffle worked perfectly.  The images adhered very well. In addition, I really liked the matte effect.  Instead of treating the surface after baking, I left the image alone.  The pictures have held up well to touching and the colors have been true to the original image.

The necklace above is a piece I particularly like and was made on Souffle. The other photo to the right is of 2 pins I made using the same technique on Premo! clay.

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