Monday, July 19, 2010

Photos and cabinets and clay folk - Oh, my!

Hello! Just some "bits" I wanted to share:

First, the clay folk ~ On Saturday, I attended the monthly meeting of the Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild. They're a great group - fun, creative, interested in each other, and interesting in and of themselves. They are planning a special polymer clay conference called the Clay Connection in early August. If you're at all interested in Polymer Clay, be sure to check out the Conference information at: It promises to be a great event - and it's being held at Conn College, so it's really close for those of us in Eastern CT.

Second, cabinets ~ You know you're in trouble when assembling a storage unit makes you excited. Undoubtedly like many of you, the dining room table has been serving as my "workspace." (You can substitute another room in the house, but you know what I mean.) As he walked by the other day, my husband asked if I could recall what the table was made of - wood, perhaps, or glass?.... Well, soon I'll be shifting location and the dining room will be for people and eating once again.

The move is possible because I finally decided to purchase a mini stackable unit from BEST Craft Organizer. Don't let the "mini" fool you. This unit is 39" x 41" and has twelve 3.5"drawers, twenty-one 2" drawers, and twelve 1" drawers. I can't wait to start shifting all my supplies, projects, and materials into the unit. Organization heaven. Why did I wait this long??

Finally, photos ~ I have a little unit for photo taking, but haven't really set it up. Today, in the flurry of excitement about everything else, I decided to give it a try. My favorite shot is of the bracelet attendees will be making at the first beadweavingworkshop at Nature's Art, September 11th. Here's a sneak peek:

Take care, all


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