Saturday, January 8, 2011

Creating & Bits of Whimsy

Creating is a process of continual self-discovery. The mediums I use give me such wonderful opportunities for creating and exploring, and learning something more about myself. Sometimes, I have a notion and set about making it. Other times, a piece evolves as I work. And sometimes, something just sort of "happens." That's what happened with my "Bits of Whimsy" pieces.
A short history: About 3 years ago, I attended a PMC certification training weekend. One of the other participants was Nina Briggs, an artist who makes incredible porcelain clay pieces. Nina was exploring the possibilities of incorporating PMC in her pendants. I became fascinated by her porcelain, and, eventually, she taught me how to make hollow porcelain pendants. [Mine look nothing like Nina's. Visit her web site at to see her lovely work. ] I made a zillion pieces, incorporated a couple of them into beadweaving pieces, and then set them aside.
Last week, that all changed. I was re-arranging my workroom, and ran across the porcelain pieces. As I held a couple in my hands, an idea formed and I moved them to my table. I set about making a couple of petal and leaf canes and, before I knew it, these little woodsy, vine-garden pieces started emerging. The porcelain forms the base, polymer the leaves, flowers, and tendrils. On some, tiny seed beads or heat-set crystals add sparkle and color.
The first friend I showed them to said, "They're so whimsical!" She's right. Often, my pieces are structured with clean, clear lines. These pieces are different from my "usual"...they're more playful and light.

Creating and self-discovery. What fun!
They make me smile. I hope you enjoy them, too.

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  1. I LOVE it! wonderful looking Kristie :)
    take care