Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Puppy!! Oh yes, and some mokume gane

I haven't posted much to this blog lately - and I have the BEST excuse! We have just added the sweetest little female to our family. Anyone who has brought home a puppy knows the preparation that goes on before hand - and all the work that goes into the "once they're home." We're having a wonderful time with Kiri. Her name is a derivation of some Japanese words and translates roughly as one who is beautiful, lovely, and eager. We think the name fits perfectly. Don't you agree? :)

So, while she was taking one of her frequent - albeit short!- naps, I did get out the clay and make some mokume gane pieces. I really love this technique and realized I hadn't done any for quite a while. I usually use 4 colors. This time, I decided to custom mix and limit the number of colors to 3. I'm particularly fond of the periwinkle/green/cream combination.

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