Monday, August 15, 2011

A New Cane & More Loose Beads

Last weekend, the Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild, of which I'm a member, hosted our own "Clay Day" where we all bring our own projects, and clay and play together. It's always a good time - like-minded folks with no pressures, just a fun get-together to create and visit. We had a great time - how could we do otherwise?
I do owe a special thanks to Deb, who generously shared a new cane idea she had picked up elsewhere with the rest of us. We all loved it - and many had to try it out right away. I was in the midst of other things, so waited until I got home to try the new idea. Here are the canes I've made, and some samples of those canes turned into beads or jewelry components. Just love the look! I haven't begun to explore all the possible color-ways with this one. I'm sure you'll see more examples in future posts. In the meantime - what do you think?

Also, here's a snapshot of some of my beads on background cards for a loose bead show that's coming up quickly. I need a few more sets, then I'll be ready.

Definitely seems to be a color "trend" to my beads this year...


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