Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's August - and I'm back!

I'm back! Of course, you probably weren't aware I was away. My husband and I just finished cycling - that's right, pedaling with our own legs - up several mountain passes in the Rockies of Colorado. Amazing views, and tough climbs - especially on a tandem. Really beautiful country.

Now we're home, and I'm busy with beads and clay. I'm working up the samples for the various workshops I'll be teaching this fall. I've got the first bracelet made. This is the class I'll be teaching at Nature's Art in September. More photos of other samples will be forthcoming - as soon as I get off the computer and get back to beads and clay! Keep checking back, and take a look at the workshops and classes page for more info.

I also have a loose bead show at the end of the month, so am working away on my polymer. Here's a sample of the first set I completed. I love chrissy canes, and had to try this experiment. I'm really quite pleased with the results. :)

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