Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It Must Be Fall....

As I walk through the woods here in Connecticut, I'm surrounded with leaves: leaves starting to turn colors on the trees; leaves drifting through the air; crisp leaves beneath my feet.  Of course, this means I return home with the need to put some of these colors and shapes in clay.  Here are some pieces using real leaves to develop the focal point. Pearl ex powders add color and a metallic shine. The first group are all pendants.

The second photo has two pieces which are larger than the others so I used findings to turn them into pins.  I especially like using a convertible pin/pendant finding so make these pieces more versatile.  These pieces are based on a technique first introduced by Mike Buesseler.


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    1. Yes, this is the technique made popular by Mike Buesseler. I talked about him on my first blog posting using this concept back in October, 2010. i really love leaves and I think this particular way of using them is a perfect showcase for their lovely shapes.