Sunday, September 2, 2012

Woven Chevrons

 Something else new for me!  I seem to be in a "try-new-techniques" phase.  Sometimes I really like just getting immersed in a particular style or approach, and other times, like now, I have the impulse to give new and different ideas and techniques a "try out."

A few months ago, I saw some of the lovely pieces Judy Belcher put together using what she calls "micro knitting."  Craft-edu was my source for Judy's online class - a clear, well-organized presentation, with lots of options.  Once you understand the process, how you apply it is all your own.

So here are my first pieces.  There are several weaving variations which I'll need to try.  It's a very precise technique, and it was fun to watch the "fabric" grow.


  1. Hi Kristie,

    The chevron pattern is one I used for an afghan for my mother. Makes for a nice pendant.