Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hollow Donuts! & Signature Stamp

Hollow donuts have intrigued me for a while. They have great dimension, and are lighter weight than a filled piece. I looked at a few online donut tutorials, and particularly liked the one by Fulgorine.  The first piece is made with the patchwork surface design.  I like the way the crushed silk ribbon looks with the donut shape.

The next donuts were made with a cane based on one from Marcia Tzigelnik.  She has some excellent cane tutorials. This one in particular seems to lend itself to donut shapes. The purple piece is a bit more oval, while the teal donut is a definite drop shape.

The red donut is a hexagon and has triangular matching earrings.

Last - here is a new twist.  Each of these donuts has my signature stamp!  These are the first pieces I've ever signed.  I finally got around to getting a small signature stamp made.  I used the logo that I have on my earring cards, and I think it's just about perfect.  The signature is in calligraphy done by my husband, and is composed of my initials, K Y F.  The "Y" is my maiden name, and forms the link between the K and the F.  Here is a sample of  the stamps on the back of the red donut. Fun!


  1. Bonjour, j'ai découvert votre blog après avoir vu l'article de The Polymer Art Blog.Je voulais juste vous dire que j'aime beaucoup vos créations. Cordialement.

    Hello, I found your blog after seeing the article in The Polymer Art Blog.Je just wanted to say that I love your creations. Cordially

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I'm glad you found my blog and hope you'll be back to visit again soon. :)

  2. Hi Kristie, Saw these on Pinterest, they are beautiful, and I love your signature stamp!
    Take care, your SCPCG friend, Lisa G.