Thursday, January 3, 2013

Torn Patchwork - A Variation on a Theme

One of the first surface techniques I ever experimented with was the watercolor technique developed by Maggie Maggio.  A variety of directions for this technique can now be found on several web sites.  It uses a Skinner blended sheet layered over sheets of white and black.  The pieces are rolled thin, then torn apart and recombined in a random pattern.  The result is always unique, and the process is a lot of fun.
I was looking through some of my canes, and it occurred to me that using the same layered and torn process with canes that have stripes of sorts might create a different look.  As I worked on this, the resultant sheets looked to me like torn patchwork quilting, so that's what I decided to call it.
Each of the different canes I used were created in the same manner, so these patchwork pieces have a similar look.  You may also have noticed that I've been experimenting with a couple of new twists for a New Year.

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